My Month Of Worship!Luke 4:8

Dear friends in Christ, God can not ask us to have faith if beforehand he has not revealed himself to us.
Have we already had the impression that God was far from us and that in our battles we are certain of being alone?
Yet God is with us!
This is the case of the disciples who were with Jesus but did not know him, even when Jesus appeared in the midst of them and traveled with them, they did not recognize him.
In their distress, their questions, their sorrow, they did not believe that the man they had taken for God was dead and resurrected.
It is the same for us, maybe the misfortune struck us, we lost an important market or our health took a hit, our pain is such that we do not see the presence of God at our side, we want us to say this morning that we are never alone in this situation, we do not see it but it is there.
Many people have not met Jesus, go to church does not mean that you know God, sing to the choir does not guarantee that the Lord is revealed to us …
Our problems, our difficulties prevent us from knowing who the God we serve, we open our mouths to tell God that he is wonderful, great, dignified, sovereign but how many of us are convinced of it?
how many had the revelation?
how many are able to rest on the word of God, to grasp it, to engrave it in their hearts and not to doubt it?
When God reveals himself to us, when we really meet this God, when we have experienced him and see him acting in his omnipotence, something changes, there is anger in us, we realize that we have spent the time to watch in temple without ever entering and the day that grace is given to us to take a step in the kingdom, we refuse to never come out again.
* Yes, the Lord is great * but do we really know it?
Are not these just words or a way to be seen?
Know your God!
To know him, we must seek to meet him, we must speak with him little by little and after all the time, we must maintain an alliance with him.
It is in marriage that we really start to see all the facets of our spouses because we are with them, we share them, we wake up with them, even when everything goes wrong, they are there.
And that’s how trust is born and we open up to one and the other.
It is in this that we must aspire, that the Lord will reveal himself to us and that our relationship will explode.
The theme of the day tells us to pray for the Lord to reveal to you more and more.
Job 36:26 – God is great, but his greatness is beyond us. The number of his years is impenetrable.
Hello family
Happy day

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