My Month Of Worship!Luke 4:8

Things do not always happen the way we want or as we planned. Our hearts regularly hurts because a promise was not honored, because the engagement broke, because a promotion was not granted ….
We will have pain, it is normal, it is our flesh, it is our pride but the Bible says that God knows better the beginning and the end than us.
It also teaches us that God has better plans for us, he confuses everything so that his glory is seen, he makes us go through the desert so that at our moments of happiness, that we remember that it’s him who has done it.
Our lesson this morning tells us that we have to exalt the Lord for the plans is designed for your life.
Isaiah 25: 1 – O LORD! you are my God; I will exalt you, I will celebrate your name, because you have done marvelous things; Your plans conceived in advance have faithfully accomplished.
How to explain the Lord’s love for us?
How to explain that some have escaped after a fatal accident?
How can we tell others that we are healthy when doctors have already concluded? …
When we live certain things, we find explanations to justify this miracle instead of simply recognizing that the Lord is good.
He did what no man can do, he gave life back to our bodies, he blessed the works of our hands and he demonstrated his all power.
You are marvelous, everything you do is good, you always have the best plan for our lives, even when we look with the eyes of the world, only you know what lies ahead.
We want this morning to recognize your majesty, to tell you that you are high, we want to never forget that if we are, it is you, it is your grace, it is your kindness …
What else can we do but cheer and adore you?
thank you Lord
You are faithful in your promises and we bless you Abba Father!
Hello here
Allow us on this day to continue to celebrate the Lord.
Have a good day

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