My Month of Gratitude!Ep5:20

God is so much richer than we think, his word is so much deeper, his faithfulness is not a blessing, but rather an attention on his part. Romans 11:29 – For God does not repent of his gifts and his call. Thank you for your gifts and calling. The gift is the supernatural ability to do something above the normal and for the purpose of advancing the kingdom of God on the earth. The gift no longer belongs to the one who gave, but rather to the one who has received. Let us not forget that everything is in the hands of the Lord even these gifts, although he offers it to us, it is him the source and without him, they can’t get into activity or operate correctively.
In reality, a gift of God never disappears, it is for life.
It’s a gift from God. It does not mean that we are going to live anyhow because we are counting on the divine potential we have.
Many Christians fall and show light behavior, taking advantage of the call on their lives and the gift they have received to serve God. Let us know that one can pretend for a time, if one is in sin, everything will be illusion because God has all the power in hand and can punish us even with these blessings given by him.
The case of Jonah illustrates this passage well, it is the proof that we can turn away from God and disobey but the call remains. Jonah wanted to flee the Lord but God forced him to align with his will. Although he has rebelled, God’s call to him has not changed, he has not been changed.And that’s what we all think, our flight or disobedience does not change the intentions of God to us.
We are many whose story is similar to that of Jonah, the Lord calls us and we say NO, we are fleeing the mission.
Let us pray and repent, it is not too late.
So let’s pray to give thanks to God for being there for us,
Say thank you for the renewal of the call on our life.
Let us be grateful because we are the choosers, the elect and highly favored by the Lord.
Nobody is like you, Father. Only to you, THANK YOU.
Hello family. May the day be blessed in the name of Jesus.

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