My Month of Gratitude!Ep5:20

We spend most of our time cursing ourselves out of ignorance, releasing evil spirits who eliminate us before our time instead of inviting angels to protect us. I experienced a situation on December 23rd on the West Road, precisely at the cliff on the road to Dschang where I was going for a wedding, I was witness to the protective hand of God on my life, I I saw him at work.
A flatbed truck with a load of several tons on him lost control of his brakes on the hill and began to descend, many vehicles that followed him directly. We were in 2 or 3 positions, everyone started to go back, he hit the car that followed him directly, the more the truck went down, the more people panicked, the cars started banging each other. You do not imagine what it could cause as damage, we had to be crushed by this truck alone. There were dozens and dozens of cars back … But God took control.I can not tell you exactly how the truck was mastered but what I know is that God intervened, he acted, he guarded us and protected. It could have been worse. A passage in the Bible says that the one who rests under the shelter of the Almighty rests in peace. I invite us to know our position of authority in Christ which will make us escape from the clutches of the evil one. We live situations everyday, we get away with it, those who do not believe in God talk about luck, chance to repeat? The intervention of God in our life is limitless, all this journey, he has done with us, holding us by the hand, protecting us, loving us and proving his love in a thousand ways. How many catastrophes has he avoided us, how many accidents has he left us? Take the time to take stock and be honest, are we really aware of its PROTECTION? Exodus 23:20 – Behold, I send an angel before you, to protect you on the way, and to bring you to the place which I have prepared. Thank the Lord for his protection throughout this year. Hello Beloved-ones
Have a good Saturday

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