My Month of Authority!Luke:10:19

* You will not love other gods before me because I am a jealous God *
Everyone knows this instruction of the Lord.
All we love more than our Lord is our god, our idol and God does not tolerate rivals, he does not want a shared heart.
Idolatry is an outrage to God, it finds its source in the refusal of Man to recognize the greatness and sovereignty of God.
Some of us are doing idolatry in a subtle way now, we do not bow down to an image or something of that kind but we give them the first place in our lives, in our hearts, the place of God.
We can have an idol without realizing it, money for example. This is a false god that we serve even if we do not confess it, it commands us, turns us away from the word of God, it dilutes our strength and we empty of our values. We also have our traditions, we refuse to break past laws, always run in our villages for customs such as funerals, a viscous circle or hides all the witchcraft and idolatry of our families, we think to do things normally but we will bind ourselves to these idols during the ceremonies.
Let us listen to the Lord’s reply to these poisonous habits that take root in us and drive us away from the Lord.
Jonah, 2: 9 – Those who are attached to vain idols remove from them mercy.
Use your authority to divorce from idols.
It is not a negotiation, it is an order before the Lord, where we are with him, we receive grace or we choose to trample in the abyss.
God is love, he created us in his image and digests badly that this love is simplified, trivialized.
We ourselves are struggling to endure treason, infidelity, we want to have our darling for us alone if it is divorce, separation, disputes … why do we want Jesus, our savior accept our imperfections?
Let’s put ourselves in his place, try to imagine the pain he has to see us being controlled and adore alcohol, sex, smoking …
Today let us look within ourselves and make a decision, get out of these prisons in which we are, separate us from all those superfluous that disconnect us from the throne of grace, cut that cord that push us to communicate with all that is not God.
We tried with these idols, it did not work, there was nothing positive, let’s try the word of God now, let’s try Jesus.
He is our solution, he is the source of living water, he is the way, the truth and the live. We can’t merge with him and regret. We have to choose: idols or Jesus Christ.
Good morning family
Have a nice day

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