My Month of Authority!Luke10:19

We live in a world where men feel more and more powerful, inventions and discoveries are coming from everywhere, technological means prove it.
Man believes in his power forgetting that of God.
For him, God is slow, far from his concerns and problems, he is limited, he never intervenes when we need him … We can no longer believe in a God who can do infinitely beyond from this we think or imagine.
Let us know that we can not lock God in a box or in a reasoning, he does what he wants.
God is alive, he is on the throne, there is nothing above him, his name alone is powerful, at his pronunciation only, every knee bends, who is like him? Moses said that without the presence of the Lord, he would be unable to bring anything, he was aware of the strength of his God, he knew that if God did not precede him in his actions, he would be lost and God assisted him, he supported him and Moses could testify of the greatness of his Father.
Like Moses, it is our duty to seek the power of God, to live according to the word of God, to be in the conditions of receiving God at all times.
Psalms 62:12 – God spoke once; Twice I’ve heard this: It’s strength to God.
Be faithful to seek power from God alone.
There are not two captains in a boat, it is he who is responsible for the craft and the people who are there, he is the most authoritative of his space at the moment.
It is the same with God, it is the creator of heaven and earth, he has all the powers, the world is in his hands. His majesty rises above everything, he is sovereign in everything and for everything when he says one thing, she exists,
Whoever clings to him inherits his authority and experiences the glory of the father.
thank you Lord
May glory return to you.
Have a good day

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