My Month of Brightness!Matt5:16

Turning the page concerning the management of our relations, we come across a sensitive and current subject: * the inheritance *
It is a heritage, property acquired after the death of the testator.
Only in this way do the heirs come into possession of their wealth.
Legacy is the nerve of war, it does not laugh.
It’s a good thing but it divides, it hurts, it separates …
We live it in our families and I am an example.
A brother who does not hesitate to drag his sister to court, a lustful nephew who quietly waits for the death of an uncle to take his possessions.
The inheritance, it’s not the game, when a rich father or not goes away, everything is over. The families are torn apart, the love disappears, the children even manage to put their mom out to sell the family home. .
We can read at every street end
* family home not to sell * the very reflection of a break in a dealership.
And the list is long.
If we want to know if our family loves each other and if harmony reigns, wait for the division of the property after a death.
It’s a sad reality.
To Inherit is a responsibility, there are obligations related to this heritage and that is the reason why some desist because their freedom is now reduced to the level of the person’s death.
The Bible tells us in Colossians, 1:12 – Give thanks to the Father, who has made you able to share in the inheritance of the saints in the light,
Thank you for the heritage he prepared for you.
Thank you Lord for everything you do for us.
All inheritance of God belongs to us. We share the inheritance with Jesus Christ, all that belongs to Jesus belongs to us also as Son.
Many Christians can not own the promises made by God and the legacy they are entitled to.
God wants to remind us that the land of our promises is within reach of our hands, each of us has a personal heritage.
Lord help us to come into possession of our inheritance.
We bless your name for these blessings.
To you glory, Jesus.
Good evening
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