My Month of Brightness!Matt5:16

This is the truth: everything is only a question of relationship.
We were created to be in relationship with God.
To love God is to love people.
Our lives depend on the quality of our relationships.
The people we serve make us who we are.
Paul said bad relationships corrupt morals, we must pay attention to the people we admit in our inner circles either we are pulled up or the opposite.
We all have toxic relationships in our lives, which are of no use to us, those with whom to compose is only negative.
God gives us the wisdom to part with it this morning and to turn to those who garnish our pay and this is the commandment of the Lord this morning: put it on ungodly relationship you are into.
2 Corinthians 6:14 – Do not put yourself with the infidels under a foreign yoke. For what is the relationship between justice and iniquity? or what is there in common between light and darkness?
Sometimes we have to mark a pose, admit the evidence, take stock, know how to measure the level of influence of each other in our lives.
The Lord can not blame us for getting rid of those who slow down our lives. He asks us to love ourselves and we can love from afar especially when the relationship does not advance us.
Frequent people who are filled with faith, who challenge us, who encourage us, who do not complain wrongly and who are not manipulators, who do not just entertain themselves ….
Let’s connect with people who dream, who have goals, who fear God, who know what they want ….
Listen well, this is not to say to cut the bridges with everyone: no.
Jesus himself dragged along with prostitutes, thieves, adulterers ..
We are not perfect, we all have our flaws and weaknesses, we must be wise before embracing people in any way.
Let us not say that this lesson is valid only for unbelievers or for our families but also for the children of God who still do not want to do anything with their lives, who are locked in blocks with very limited thoughts of their person and who hope to see God rise from His throne and do everything for them.
Let’s be careful about our relationships that we always take lightly and that are decisive for our success.
Pray to see more clearly in our relationships and let God act.
Hello village
Good weekend to us

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