My Month of Brightness!Matt5:16

God created us different.
It’s done express.
He is Love and expects us to know how to express it.
It was not a mistake on his part to make us each with his touch and his particularity.
He surely had his reasons because everything he does is unique.
That is why God is the original and not the copy, he is authentic our God and all he does is good.
Listen well, our personality is not a problem, we are angry, calm, reserve, talkative is not an obstacle.
The difficulty is to let our flesh use our personality no matter how from whence our faults.
God loves our originality, our difference, which is different from the point of view of men. For us, what is different is necessarily bad and what we call defects and an originality for God.
Our theme this morning is simple:
Pray so that every dark area of ​​your life is enlightened.
Genesis 1: 3 – God said, Let there be light! And there was light.
There is no relationship between light and darkness, it is two roads that are completely opposed.
The Light is God and when God speaks, the thing is established.
How can we continue to advance when we refuse to detach ourselves?
The Lord asks us to leave certain habits, certain caraters that affect our being.
And that’s what God’s attacking.
To all that prevents us from shining, to all those weaknesses that poison our lives, to those parts of our lives that we develop and that blacken our paths.
What are these penalties that block the way ??
The Bible says that no one can see the glory of God if he does not allow himself to be molded, transformed, carved, carved for our Lord and to do so, we need to let ourselves be led and built.
Each one of us knows the name of our sin, so let’s put this burden on the Father, let us entrust him this file because he alone is able to separate us from it and to shine his Light in our lives.
Hello bienaimes.
Have a good day

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