My Month of Brightness!Matt5:16

Ephesians 5: 9 – For the fruit of light is all kindness, justice, and truth.
Pray to produce the fruits of light.
No light without change, no light without fruit.
The fruits of the light represent a changed life, a life centered on Christ, a life where we will die to let Christ live in us, a life having God for theme and for central interest, for priority ….
Keeping the word of God proves that we know it, that the truth is in us, it is the love of God that allows us to love and serve it.
Walking in the light is walking like Jesus walking.
To produce the fruits of light is to embody the life of our Lord, do not fix it on the Epheme,
Many Christians think of bearing the divine fruits in relation to the greatness of their church or the number of prophecies.
It’s not bad but many are hiding behind to threaten those who dare to make a comment.
The light of God is the state of the heart, the way of living away from sin and bad deeds.
The light is something very important and very powerful, the world exists since there is light, without light, there is no life.
How can we live on this earth without sun?
We are a people of light and without it we have no identity.
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Have a good day.
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