In our moments of fear and weakness, when reflections overwhelm us, no solution, no way out, we are ready to do everything to have peace even to obey.
It is often at this moment that we hear: “Lord, may your will be fulfilled in my life.”
We say it maybe but are we ready to put our desires aside? Are we ready to make sacrifices?
We must know that there is a choice to make, a decision to make.
And it is in this way that Jesus chose to talk this morning.
He tells us about * obedience *
Either we listen to our flesh, or we let God work in our lives.
Philippians 2: 8 – He humbled himself, making himself obedient even unto death, even unto the death of the cross.
Fast and pray to become obedient like our Lord Jesus.
Jesus in his suffering could have given up, fleeing or compromising himself but he was aware that it was his duty, it was up to him to do it, he had to fulfill the will of his father, he had to submit to make the plan of God.
This sacrifice cost him everything, his life, his honor, his happiness, his integrity … but he had to OBEY.
My brothers, obedience is a part of victory.
If we wish to win the battle, we must follow the divine instructions to the letter.
We often delay our lives because we want to do what we want, as our families and friends like.
God knows that obedience is not a subject that fascinates us, but he himself says in his words that obedience is better than sacrifice.
He will never leave his throne to force us to obey him.
There is a kind of gospel that is pilling out now, or some pastors make Christians believe that we are under grace, we have nothing left to do, more effort to make, no need for fasting or praying, we can live our lives as we see fit …
Jesus has already done everything, we just have to pay our dimes and the rest will follow …
We wish each of us to understand well and very well.
The devil is insolent, he has no respect for anyone, neither for our functions, nor for our statutes.
If we neglect our guide that is the holy word, we will always be marginalized.
The word of God says that the devil only listens to the language of violence, which means that God gives us the liberty to defend us with his word.
Obey !!!!!
It means that * in war as in war *
We’re not going to war make manners or boast, the opponent will crush us and kill us.
We go by being prepared like warriors, winners … having all the rules and instructions in mind.
One mistake, one disobedience can be a sure defeat.
So we must understand that no matter what the truth is, obedience to God changes us and makes our lives better.
Let us integrate in our thoughts that to serve God is to obey him.
We mean to have a pure heart to listen to the voice of the Lord.
Pray for obedience and total submission to God.
Let us ask the eternal to fill us with his fear.
One word: * Obedience *
Hello Bienaimes
May our Lord guide us.
Have a nice day