Good morning,
We are a day of mourning, day when each of us is supposed to take stock of his life, day when everyone must wonder where he will go after his death.
Jesus died today, he made his journey, he reassured himself that his life reflects his father, that he is a way to follow, a peace for us, an assurance, a source of Joy …
His Work on the Cross was not in vain, it was enough for us, perfect.
His bloodshed was a good contribution, he redeemed us and took away all condemnation of our lives, his sacrifice sanctified us.
The Bible tells us in Hebrews, 12: 2 – having eyes on Jesus, the leader and consumer of the faith, who, in view of the joy that was reserved for him, suffered the cross, despised the ignominy, and he is sitting to the right of the throne of God.
Thank the Lord Jesus for what he did and endeavor to become radical for God.
Here is a man who came to earth bearing the burden of others, he was sent on purpose to cleanse and purify people who did not believe in him, he was sent for a mission that was certainly difficult but not impossible.
He chose to carry the world on his back, he took all our troubles and our failures so that we are fulfilled now.
Everything is in Jesus, we must know that our Lord has not changed, he is our savior, he invites us to equip ourselves to face the earthly struggle.
Jesus is with us, we are guarded in his name, he refreshes us.
His name alone gives us a supreme privilege.
We have no interest in playing with the grace we have to deal with our Lord.
We must not let our flesh lead us into sin, it is important to choose and recognize who we want to walk with.
Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, without him we will only be negative.
So be wise and witness to the greatness of God in our lives.
Hello again
Have a good day