Beloved, Jesus is true,
We can trust him,
He is faithful, he is authentic, he is complete.
Truth is simply one of her qualities, she is the very person of the Lord, he is the Lord.
So when the Bible says of the eternal that it is * the way, the truth and the life *
This is a true truth.
It is to say that he is not in search of the truth, he is not a prophet who speaks of the truth, he is the truth.
To have it with us, To have it in us differentiates us
Truth is the opposite of lying, of error.
And if God is telling us to be truthful this morning, it is because he knows that many are still trying to make their story to better tell it, to be seen well or to have the favors of others.
Take our example in our environment, we like the honors, we are aware that it is the titles and positions that stand out, so many do not hesitate to align and give themselves ranks that open doors.
We are full of things to show us, to appear, and we stray from the Lord’s recommendations.
We have all been in a situation where we think that all truth is not good to say and suddenly, we put the gloves, we mask, we color, we disguise, believing to help, believing to do good but the word of God teaches us no.
She demonstrates it to us in Proverbs 16:13 – Righteous lips gain favor with kings, and they love him who speaks righteously.
The truth is better, it can be hard, it can hurt but the franc speaks, honesty brings us closer to the rules of Jesus.
We have all developed habits or we feel comfortable in lying, lying is no longer scandalous, it’s normal.
Lying is part of our lives, always a little lie slips in our words, it does not punctuate anymore, it is no longer surprising since this is what our society teaches us, to live in the wrong, to draw the devil in full street.
For this day, God chooses to tell us that we must stop, we can not claim the kingdom of heaven if we are stuck in sin, if we do not make the effort to get out of it.
To accept Jesus is to accept the truth.
Let us pray to borrow this voice, pray to let ourselves be educated by the scriptures and overcome the lie.
Let’s be truthful and reflect our Lord!
Hello crew
Thank you for this yaweh teaching
Good day to us.