My Month of Victory!1Co15:57

March 8 is finally here!
Women are in the spotlight, they are celebrated, they are on the front page, they claim their rights and equality in all sectors.
It’s a special moment, an expected day …
Women invest their time, their money, their energy …
For them, it’s their only day when they feel they are listening and making their mark.
It’s normal, they believe in it, they’ve already won by having this day as the lover.
Even the Bible says that * all that is not conviction is sin *
Congratulations women !!!!
They trust this day, it reassures them.
If we can prepare the coming of Jesus as we are preparing for this day, we will be convinced of one thing: * the presence of God at our side in all situations *
And this is what brings the Lord to give us the instructions of the day.
Fast and pray to have an over comer’s faith.
1 John 5: 4 – because all that is born of God triumphs over the world; and the victory that triumphs over the world is our faith.
A defeatist does not go to war because he knows that he is lost in advance, he is himself aware that failure is assured.
But when we position ourselves as lions who know that the forest belongs to us, that the song sung and danced is imposed by us, we can not be afraid.
We are armed with courage and will not because we are necessarily strong but because we have the means of our politics, we have Jesus Christ.
To believe in him surpasses everything and gives us the privilege of not being absorbed by what the world bluffs us with.
We know that with him we have the victory over the world, no power is above him.
He is the one who says a word and the thing happens.
How can we have a person with such power, with such assurance, with such fidelity and doubt? and not to choose to put our lives in his hands?
When we are convinced of someone, nothing can make us retreat, we take courage and we continue quietly our march to victory while closing our ears and our eyes to the dangers that may occur.
Hello brothers and sisters.
May the name of Jesus be raised again.
Have a good day

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