My Month of Strange Progress! Is52:13

The purpose of our life is to give to God, a worship that pleases Him, it is to give God the value he deserves. It means that our body, our members, our soul must express gratitude to our Lord.
And that’s what we do not know how to do, we tend to forget that God’s name is Jehovah Jireh, our purveyor.
All we have is thanks to God.
We pray, we fast for God to do, and when the thing comes to us, we are not humble enough to give thanks to the Lord and to testify.
We look more at our difficulties and trials, we minimize saves life that God offers us.
Some of us say that it is luck or chance or nature that gave us what we have, we always find how to bring God back to our level.
The word of the Lord tells us to give thanks to God in all things, good or bad, be grateful.
Say thank you is magic, recognize the sovereignty and supremacy of the Lord touch God.
When we know that we have inherited everything in him, we can only say thank you because nothing is above his throne.
We tell ourselves that we have done such a thing, we have realized our dreams but also ask ourselves what will be we if God had not allowed or facilitated our fulfillment.
David’s story illustrates the theme of the day: David was a very powerful king but humble and grateful, the Bible said that it was the man according to the heart of God, he was loved by God and all that he undertaking was a success because his life was in accordance with the will of God.
David built a temple for God and was ready to give everything for this project, he was not attached to the material because he knew of whom he held all this inheritance.
On every occasion, this person gave thanks to God for what he was, for what he had and for his future.
Even when he fought against Goliath, he was grateful to the Lord because he knew that God is called the Lord of armies, he will fight for him.
He knew how to make room for his God to act, he firmly believed in the faithfulness of God and he surrendered himself at the foot of his cross.
Gratitude is important to God, this little word THANK YOU that we simplify and neglect, which goes beyond us to say it makes sense.
When someone offers us something, when we are not grateful, he is not happy and he hardens his heart concerning us.
We sin when we do not recognize that Jesus is on the throne and strengthens us.
That’s what God loves, uthat’s what He expects of us.
Whether we just eat a donut or not, let’s say thank you.
This morning’s passage sends us back to the book of Ecclesiastes, 5:19 – But if God gave a man riches and goods, if he made him a master to eat them, to take his on part, and to rejoice in the midst of his work, that is a gift from God.
Aknwoledge God for everything you need to be grateful to him.
We are limits and only God can do everything, the last word comes back to him.
Hello friends
Have a good day

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