My Month of Strange Progress! Is52:13

Jehovah = Lord, who does not change, who remains, who was, who is and who will be.
This name is combined with titles that only God bears, ie Jehovah Jireh the purveyor, Jehovah Nissi the banner, Jehovah Shalom peace, Jehovah Rohi the good shepherd …
Of all these names, God wants to manifest this morning as Jehovah Rohi.
This name ROHI tells us about leadership, intimacy.
In a sheepfold, there is a shepherd and sheep.
A shepherd is a leader, a leader, a leader, a manager, a pilot …
Sheep are the animals, the sheep … but in case they are the children of God, the disciples, it’s us.
God compares us to sheep because they do not know how to fend for themselves, they are unable to survive without the presence of their shepherd, they need a special load.
So when we have Jehovah Rohi in action, we feel secure and confident because our shepherd knows us and knows our needs, he has responsibilities and assumes them.
The sheep that we are need to be supervised, guided.
If the shepherd is not at our side to guide us, we will easily lose ourselves because it is the leader who gives direction, who shows us the way.
The shepherd also has a protective role, he is there to look after us, to help us, to encourage us, to put the oven guard so that we do not provoke, we depend on him, he feeds us, he takes care from us, all his attention is dedicated to us.
He is patient, tender, strong and supports us beyond our imperfections.
A shepherd goes to the rhythm of his sheep.
It makes us wonder if we want such security?
Who of us can take all his time to watch over others without complaining, without getting tired, even a mother feels exhausted when the baby disturbs, she complains of not resting …
Do we imagine the days of God?
That’s all that makes his supremacy, his uniqueness, that makes him different.
We will have tried everything to explain, or to undertake, we will have beautiful everything created but we will never * never * our lord, he has no equal, he is the one who does everything in his time, his support is worth more than our expectations.
Let him control us, let him support us and let us tame by our master.
With him, we are safe from lack.
It is written in Jeremiah, 10: 6 – No one is like you, O LORD! You are great, and your name is great by your power.
Celebrate the one who is unique and supreme: Jehovah Rohi
Thanks Jesus to do more than what we ask.
Have a good day

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