My Month of Strange Progress! Is52:13

Hello my family,
We take our time to accomplish our tasks, we savor the aesthetics of the world and that’s what we love.
Yes, we like what is beautiful, nice to see, we feel comfortable.
The world has managed to do everything to attract us in their net, it improves everything, it develops everything, facilitates everything, everything is bling, appearance, flashy … and in life, it is said that * what the eye has seen * the view convinces, the sight reassures, the view soothes, the view tanquilise but we must also understand that the sight is misleading, deceitful and pushes us to contradict ourselves and to appreciate the vanities of this world, it turns us away from abundant life, it prevents us from estimating and evaluating according to the plan of God.
We let ourselves be devoured by the flesh, the desires, the distractions, the world offers us the fictitious, the ephemeral, the illusions, the publicity … we are rocked by the ordinary things but the Bible says Jesus came with all that is extraordinary, excellent, wonderful, he came with a new breath, new perspectives
He made everything possible through him, it means that if we want to break our habits and enter the supernatural, to work in a different way, we have to work with God.
With God, spiritual beauty is guaranteed.
A blind man can not value the sun, he can know the aspects but he can not appreciate.
To know without seeing and to know with sight is not the same thing.
This morning’s instruction speaks of pray to witness something marvelous today.
Malachi 1: 5 – Your eyes will see it, and you will say, Great is The LORD beyond the borders of Israel.
When we meet Jesus, we change, we do it because we are Christians, we know that Jesus is the only way, we change our behavior to honor God, to see the glory of God through his word.
On this day, let us have God so that his wonders are spread over our lives.
Have a good day.

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