My Month of Strange Progress! Is52:13


The Bible tells us that with Jesus, we will make feats, we will make progress and strange progress.
Who is Jesus? Jesus is the master, the direction, the fulfillment, the rest.
Jesus is love.
To follow Jesus is to love, it is to walk in the truth, it is to respect his laws.
And one of God’s conditions to please Him is to love one another. How  can we say we love God that we do not see yet we are so indifferent to the wounds of our brothers and sisters?
The Lord wants to cultivate our sensitivity this morning. He wants to soften our hearts today, He wants to show us a new way.
It is useless to reach the top if we are not thriving to listen to others. It is useless to climb the ladder if we are alone at the top. The scenario will not be interesting, but tiring and boring. There will be no real trophy to be enjoyed at the end, thus causing desolation.
We are children of God but we do not know what love is, what is sharing, what is generosity.
We went astray on the way, without a marker, without a light.
We have sunk ourselves into abysses and we are in agreement with the world that dilutes the spiritual for their benefit.
At one time, tensionsand wars were between two enemies or different countries.  Today, it is contrary.  We have conflicts in the same country, city, tribe, district, ir the same land.
We are not embarrassed to make plots amongst ourselves. And it’s all because love has gone out of the way.  It’s gone because we’re looking for our personal interests. As long as we’re satisfied, it’s okay, as long as we have what we want, the rest can perish we don’t care.
Let’s hear what God tells us this morning.
Romans 13:10 Love does not harm the neighbor: love is the fulfillment of the law.
Pray to make progress and dwell in agape love.
Love does not hurt the neighbor: * agape love * = fraternal love, universal, altruistic, spiritual, free, a love without interest, without waiting, it is to accept the other as he is, it is to be generous, it is to help, it is a complete love.
When we love, we respect one another, we accept our strengths and our weaknesses. To love  is to keep the heart open, it is to share our Jesus Christ who lives in us.
This love is what Jesus has for us and it is because of this love that we have been saved.
* Love is the fulfillment of the law.
Achievement = complete, fullness, abundance.
Law = principles of men, vain, ephemeral, useless things …
The verse simply tells us that without love, you transgress the law.
And when the rules are not respected, we are punished, we are limited, we can not move as we please.
Let’s remember this morning that we have to have love in our hearts, just as God is love, He expects us to be love too.
He reminded us the other day that He is Jehovah ROHI, the good shepherd and a leader who gave His life for others.
Jesus is there for us, let us be there for others, and let us reflect on the love of the Lord.
Hello neighborhood.
Let’s just love us
Have a good day

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