My Month of Strange Progress! Is52:13

God told us to love his neighbor.
To love others is to sympathize, it is to suffer with, it is generosity, it is to understand the situation of our neighbor and to help him, to lighten him is to give.
Unfortunately, we no longer know what is called fellowship, we have cultivated a concept called “each for himself, God for all”
We refuse to bear the burden of others, assistance is no longer common.
And this is one of the problems of the big cities today, it goes in all the directions, nobody is in its place, it is a hodgepodge, we do not necessarily recognize those who are in need, we mistrust their needs, we suspect them of being thieves and lazy.
The city has dehumanized and disorganized us, aligned us in principles.
It is rare to stop to do an aumone.
We can do it by interest, we can do it to advertise a product, we can do it out of pride or for others to testify our action … but we can do it because we can not stand to see the others suffer and out of love.
Jesus tells us that to support someone is to show mercy.
It is from this support that God wants to speak to us, it is compassion that God speaks this morning.
He says in Proverbs 22: 9 – The man whose eyes are benevolent will be blessed, because he gives his bread to the poor.
Give alms as never before.
To give it always rise to much controversy even in the church, but it is a biblical principle.
Giving is about everyone and it reflects our hearts.
We do not flinch when it comes to paying our bills but when it comes to making a gesture of generosity, we find that it is too much to ask us.
The word of God tells us that God is the God of widows and orphans, that is, the God of the needy.
The eternal expects us to react to our brothers who miss essential things.
To come to help is not a loss, on the contrary it is a savings that will grow.
Pray for God to touch our hearts,
Pray for God to teach us to have compassion, to be sensitive to the situations of others.
Hello my friends
Have a good day

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