My Month of Humility!Phil2:3

It’s raining this morning and it’s annoying for many since many want to go out but they are divided between staying in bed and managing rain and traffic jams.
Unfortunately this is the season and you have to deal with it.
Yet when the weather is beautiful and mild, we are more energetic, more motivated, more enjoyable.
In the same way that nature contributes to our strength, in the same way, rubbing shoulders with sweet people is a pleasure.
Gentleness is therefore a remarkable quality that is charming, it is a fruit of the spirit, it is linked to our God and it is a sufficient reason why we must cultivate it in our daily life with our language.
Eh yes!!
Our language has become too light, dirty, insulting … Pride, arrogance, anger … sometimes push us to be tough with others.
We allow ourselves to be distracted by these weaknesses to the point of moving away from a character of the Lord.
Gentleness softens manners.
After Samuel’s death in the Bible, Nabal, Abigael’s husband, hard and proud, refused to give provisions to David’s men who had protected his flocks from thieves.
Angry, David and his team wanted to confront Nabal but Abigael in his caution, made food and went to meet David, by his gesture and sweetness, she managed to calm David.
Sweetness is essential, it’s a way of life, but what interests us this morning is our way of talking and talking to people.
We like to often fire where there is not, we are always ready to get into struggles and battles but we must also know that our words can have a lot of negative or positive consequences.
We always want to sound authoritarian and tough, we think hurtful words solve our problems, we are willing to grieve, to cry, to take back others no matter how.
The coarse words used dilute our relationship and make it superficial.
Let’s hear what our Lord says about this:
Proverbs 16:24 – Pleasant words are a honeymoon, sweet for the soul and salutary for the body.
Pray for your language to be soft and full of blessings.
When dealing with gentle people, our relationships are balanced and useful.
May our words encourage someone as the word of God strengthens us.
Whenever we declare the scriptures about our lives or those of others, it establishes our blessings, it strengthens our covenant with God and our blessings are sure.
Our language has a strong influence on our lives, beautiful words energize our days and embellish them.
Do not let negativity control us and make us sick.
The Bible says that it is from the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks, think positive of others, give the benefit of the doubt and let the word of God flood our hearts,
Let us also know that we receive according to what we believe and say.
So let us watch over ourselves and what comes out of our mouths.
We have nothing to lose by blessing and understanding others,
By doing this, Jesus will visit us in return.
Hello home
Have a good day

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