My Month of Humility!Phil2:3

Lord, we are sorry to take your reprimands lightly.
When you insist on one point, it means that it is important to you.
We want so much to accommodate the world that we have forgotten your principles.
Lord, help us pay more attention to our language.
You have long told us that the word is powerful but we continue to have fun, to complain instead of remaining calm.
Your word is truth, it is alive, it breaks the yoke, it has all the proper authority to overthrow or to establish.
The devil came into our language subtly, he manipulated us and led us into forbidden corridors.
We do not control anything, we say anything, we do not measure the extent of our words anymore. Even when we want to appreciate, we do it with a negative expression to show our full satisfaction.
For us, it is normal, in our naivete, it is banal but the language is a file which destroys slowly but surely.
This explains the most common vice that lies.
The lie has become ordinary, it is an imprint in our lives, we tell a lot of stories to make us accept and flatter our pride.
The voluntary, planned, small, big lie … is an excuse that has a strength but has harmful consequences because in the long run, we wear the label of liar and it follows us in our journey. We are now disloyal, dishonest because we have diluted our word and that is what our politicians do by looking us in the eye.
We are children of God, our lives must be testimonies, thanksgiving, we must think before speaking, we must avoid certain types of discussions, jokes that do not always please and that can hurt deeply.
It would be wise for us to remain cautious, others may be susceptible to our humor and it saddens him.
In any case, God gives us another warning: Ephesians 5: 4 – No nonsense, no foolish talk, no jesting, which are contrary to decency; let us rather hear thanksgiving.
Fast and pray to be sober in your language.
Bad words harm the soul, they pollute and defile our environment.
Being a Christian is manifested the good mood, the light of Christ.
We are of those who follow Jesus and to him, our eyes are turned.
Watch our words, do not conform to the world that wants us to indulge in its lust and love because all the profits of the world are sterile, vain, destructive.
It is too easy to take part in the counsels of the world, the weaknesses of the world, we will always find an excuse to explain and in the end, God will accuse us of complicity.
To speak lightly must be a shame for us, a horror, an offense …
Let us use more wisdom and keep our statements in accordance with the scriptures.
Have a good day

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