My Month of Humility!Phil2:3

Hello to each of us, we are here to serve the Lord and give thanks to him, we are together because we love the almighty and because he has done great things for us.
We are Christians because we are certain that without Jesus in our lives we are useless, empty.
Without him to lead us, we will mark the steps on the spot, we will steal in the dessert.
Jesus is the best choice, he is the righteous master, he is our right balance and that is why as Christians we must remain deeply and intimately attached to him, he must be for us a personal friend to whom we want to look like
To be a Christian is therefore to be gentle and balanced because it is the very nature of God.
Sweetness is like humility, submission.
We can not follow God and keep some cliches.
Everyone must be witnesses of our change.
We must carry the work of God with love, we must be of those who proclaim the love of the Lord aloud.
We tend to be overwhelmed by the laws of nature, we only do what we have found or see, and at some point it becomes a problem because our habits determine our commitment.
But the Bible tells us that God is all-powerful, he can do anything, he confuses madmen with the wise, so he is not bound or limited by time and situations.
So, if the Lord asks us this morning to be witnesses of his word, it is because he has observed that many of us, who shout his name but we do not know him, can not defend us as Son of the highest, no neighbor can testify to our authority and our influence, we do not affect life and life in abundance.
We are always ready to meditate and destroy to be well seen but the Bible says in
Philippians 4: 5 – May your kindness be known to all men. The Lord is near.
Pray to be weighted!
To be balanced is to be balanced, calm, moderate in judgments and opinions, and only God knows how we Christians can do.
We have no tolerance, we often like to pretend that we are perfect and that sin does not oppress us.
Some even move away from their family, create their world, everyone has a word to say but God asks us sweetness.
With this distance, how would you like to tell us about God to those who are still lagging behind?
how do we intend to evangelize? or we will place ourselves to give our testimonies when we limit our fields of action, when we take others as a danger, when the love of neighbor does not prevail.
Let us know this morning that God uses our insufficiencies to establish himself master in our lives, he takes our weaknesses to distinguish us.
Solomon was not a king, he was the complete opposite of his brother, Adonijah.
Adonija was the favorite of his people but he was not the choice of God.
On the other hand, Solomon integrated, calm, reserved knew how to prevail and his wisdom upset the history and honored it.
Jesus is known for his sacrifice, he has marked the world, he is our benefit and everyone recognizes him.
So if we want to be a reference, if we want to be in the divine path and receive our blessings in an exceptional way, do not let ourselves be distracted, let our desires divert us from the plan of God for us.
Let’s accept others while making a difference.
Hello people of God and have a good day.

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