My Month of Humility!Phil2:3

Our language has been infested, we must recognize it.
It has become easy for us to sin with our languages ​​since the world we are in is full of drift.
It has become normal to speak with a misplaced little word that can be perceived as an insult, a mockery, a sharp criticism and this can hurt deeply.
Insults are acts or words that are intended to offend.
God gives us a recommendation this morning, ask the Lord to help you undermine insults.
1 Peter, 3: 9 – Make no evil for evil, or insult for injury; bless, on the contrary, because that is what you have been called to, in order to inherit the blessing.
God expects us to love each other, we are different, our points of view can not necessarily be the same, disagreements, misunderstandings will be present but know how to manage them.
It is our friction, our contacts with our brothers who will determine our ability to know how to recover and control us, it is what shows our humility when we are just humiliated.
To love as Jesus Christ has loved us, to make our relationships more intimate, is the secret to the sponge to insults.
Jesus wants us to understand that a spirit of humility must characterize Christians, we must not give in to evil, but we must always be quick to be blessed since we ourselves are also blessed by the Lord.
We understand that it is difficult to resist the urge to hurt someone in speech.
A victim of injustice might find it legitimate to punish his oppressor with cruel words, but God invites us to resist temptation, it incites our anger, it belittles us.
Let us not be those who live in rancor, who advocate the lack of forgiveness because beyond all that we have been able to inflict on Jesus, he has forgiven us and out of love, he has released us from all these condemnations.
Strive to respect and obey this warning.
The Bible says that as long as it depends on us, let’s be at peace with everyone.
We also need to know that some by the volume of voices of others feel tramping, we can see parents screaming about their children, or couples tearing themselves up with horrible words.
All this to express our feelings.
Although insults are fashionable nowadays, we must not let ourselves be influenced, we must instead develop the brotherly love that will soothe hearts.
Let the word of God invade us, it will help us to reject all this filth.
Let’s not be distracted by distraction.
Hello home
May the grace of God abound.
Have a good day

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