My Month of Benficence!Act20:35

Ephesians 5: 9 – For the fruit of light is all kindness, justice, and truth.
Pray for the evidence of the fruit of the spirit To abound in your life.
The text tells us that as Children of God, we must always do good, be decent and honest with others.
There is no condition or limit in the biblical verse, we must fight to flirt with the immensity and greatness of our God.
Let’s start defining the terms to make it easier for us.
What is a fruit?
A fruit is a food produced by a tree, it is the result, the benefit of an action or a job.
The mind is a divine power, a special force …
The fruit of the spirit is therefore the result of a divine presence in us.
The fruit of the spirit must be borne by all Christians who respect the conditions given by God.
Like a tree, the rules are necessary, to have good results in a field, we must take into account the season, and the fragility of our seeds that produce fruit in return.
It’s the same thing, the weaker our fruit is, the more fragile our relationship with God will be.
This is why we must have a life of authentic prayer and refrain from dispersing.
The fruit is the result of the life of a Christian.
We are not the same, some are sweeter, more patient and more brutal than others but the mind will know how to use and channel them beyond our natural strengths.
The fruit of the spirit transforms us into the image of Christ and makes us more balanced and more harmonious.
The fruit of the spirit = the fruit of light.
Without love, we will not speak of the fruit of the spirit, it is the holy spirit who pours into our hearts this love,
Without love, how can we be compassionate and do what is good for our neighbor?
Pray to be available to the Holy Spirit.
A fruit does not ripen in a day, it needs time, to reach maturity, we must maintain it and water it.
And that’s how God walks with us, step by step, step by step.
We can not speak of the fruit of light if we remain a spiritual baby, it is for the Sons, it is for those who know the Father and listen to his voice.
We may seem to be tall, ready but it is in front of a test that we can really know if the fruit in us is bitter or sweet.
Pray that our fruit will do good and that it will benefit others.
Let’s get on with packing our lives and be real children of the kingdom of God.
May God bless us.
Have a good day

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