My Month of Benficence!Act20:35

Our last day of July is the, our month of beneficence, our seventh month ends on this day, it’s over for this season.
The Lord has taught us to do good, to always be available, generous in this month.
He brought us into the depths of his word and his love, he wanted each of us to realize the importance of our neighbor.
He has insisted on generosity and refuses that we allow ourselves to be governed by the laws of men who want everything to pay, nothing for nothing.
He invites us not to allow ourselves to be distorted into capitalism, which looks only at its interest and its profit.
He led us on this theme because he wanted us to know that the precious thing we need to identify ourselves with as sons is Love.
Without Love, how can we help an individual in need?
Without love, how can we build a heavenly army, a royal priesthood?
Without love, how can we have the spirit of sharing?
Love conquers all,
Love forgives and reconciles with ourselves and with others.
To do good is to love, to be present when one of us is in trouble, to give is to be a shoulder, a support, a place to lean against.
In the same way that God does us good, let us do it in return, God is with us step by step, he does not leave us even when we have a fault, he consoles us in our tears, he gives us the joy the sadness had taken hold.
God is love.
It’s his nature.
That we are lost, guilty or holy, even when we do not deserve it, he has loved us to the point of giving his Son a sacrifice for you and me.
Is that not the favor? The immensity and depth of his love.
To close the month that symbolizes perfection and fulfillment, Our Father puts a folder on the table with the theme: Love.
He wants to get us back on track, we are empty of this feeling, we let the concealed shots of life dry and poison our mind.
It is rare to see good works multiplied, we do not spread the positive energy that our Lord has endowed us with.
Let us leave behind our sorrows, our sorrows, our punishments and open our hearts to a pure, certain and certain love.
Not our hypocritical and calculated loves, a love without task, a love or release happiness and joy.
And this is why God insists on this point, he invites us to move forward, to grow our love for all, to make sacrifices for the good cause and for others to benefit.
Our passage explains it even better to us: 1 Corinthians 13: 3 – And when I distribute all my goods for the food of the poor, when I give up my body to be burnt, if I do not have charity, it does not I use nothing.
Pray for your love.
Hello home
Have a good day

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