My Month of Evangelism! Mk16:15

Let us remember the parable of talents. Two of the three exploited what they had and the other buried in the ground what he had received. Each of us must be useful, God does not give us all the same gifts but we can choose to develop them or let them die. And that’s why we have to ask ourselves at this moment what are we? What vase have we chosen to be? We are many who bear no fruit. We are called the lost, the lost. Even in the house of the Lord, many are empty, useless but the truth is that it is we who choose what will be our use. Do we want to be a vase of honor? This is what God is offering us this morning, he gives us this freedom to choose. It is clear that it is not our gifts that will give us a reward rather our fidelity and our obedience to the Lord in the use of this gift. Nobody can decide for us, not even God. We have too many excuses not to do the will of God but before God, God does not we? 2 Timothy 2:21 – So if any man keep himself clean, abstaining from these things, he will be a vessel of honor, sanctified, and useful to his master, fit for every good work. Fast and pray to become a vessel of honor for him. God knows those who belong to him. Sometimes we do good deeds in the name of the Lord and yet God does not know us. If we want to serve the Lord, we must purify ourselves of earthly lusts. Paul insists on good works because of the proliferation of false Christians, we must separate from evil and beware of the contamination of harmful doctrines. We must be a masterpiece of the Lord. We are happy when God uses us. But what is our spiritual value? We will perform miracles, we will prophesy in the name of Jesus, but most of us will be rejected on the last day. This is not what matters to the Lord but rather our soul. We can this morning decide to no longer be a less expensive vase and become a golden vase by purifying ourselves, by communing with those who seek purity, the holy life. Let’s stop our standards too weak and strive to walk on the footprints of those who have everything in their hands. Hello.

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