My Month of Evangelism! Mk16:15

According to Paul, when we accept Jesus as Savior, we are in Jesus Christ, we are new creatures, everything becomes new in our lives. We think we are happy and fulfilled when we are in a happy home with diligent children, when our treasure keeps growing. We believe that we have all the powers and that no one can tell us anything until we meet Jesus Christ. So our lives take a hit, nothing is the same, we realize that many things become more real, more alive, more authentic in our lives. We become aware of all that God has given us by his salvation and that we do not enjoy it. When we make Jesus a partner, we stop chasing after the things we have, we understand that all is vanity and we can only cling to the power of God to renew our mentality, our way of speaking, our attitude. In this process, we grow in the word and we understand better what it means to be born again and have a new identity in Jesus. It says in 2 Corinthians, 5:17 – If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature. Old things are past; Behold, all things are new. Contribute in making someone to become a new creation. Our greatest miracle is that God has transformed us in his image to make us a new creature. The condition for being a new creature is to be in Christ. The word of God says that things have become new, to say that when we are in the frequency of Jesus, we have everything we need, we are rooted in the love of God. In Christ we have the grace and strength of God to face all obligations, we have a glorious life. Are we really a new creature when we have received Christ in our lives or are just flattered when we read or hear this verse. We must look at our lives, we must ask ourselves whether we really changed after confessing Christ. To become a new person does not mean to improve one’s life of sin but rather to change it and to replace it, it is to surrender oneself to the will of God, it is to live to please God alone. Are we ready to offer ourselves to the Lord? Paul encourages us to make this choice by becoming a source of eternal life. Hello here.

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