My Month Of Impact! Mt5:16

2 Timothy, 2: 6 – The plowman must work before he can collect the fruits.
Pray to keep and use the gifts God has placed in you wisely.
It is clear and it is clear.
It is not an easy job.
If we want to reap the rewards, let’s roll up our sleeves.
Before we can rejoice in the produce of a field, we must clear the land, plow it, sow the seeds, and finally finish the harvest when it is ripe.
The bible says that the harvest is great but there are few workers, let’s not be lazy, let’s get up and work under the guidance of the Lord.
The weather is bad and souls are lost, we no longer need to waste time, we need to redeem it instead.
Let us make the efforts, let us share the word of God so that the lost souls come back to the Lord.
Work is an activity carried out in order to achieve results.
Let us know that even the Lord must work our Christian life, he must break us, he must remove the weeds that have taken root in us, he must clear everything according to the disposition of our heart, even if it hurts us, the Lord must do it so that we can be in joy.
We cannot influence and impact others if we are not fertile ground, no one will want to follow our example.
It is for this reason that the Lord invites us to work with perseverance and to receive the good seed.
To bear fruit, it takes work.
Our verse tells us that the apostle Paul is addressing young Timothy and also to us.
And when we go through the first verse, Paul is talking about the soldier and the athlete who fight by the rules.
In both cases, there is effort, there is combat.
We cannot achieve victory without hard and tough training.
So for us as Christians, let’s spend time with the Lord, spend time in his word, spend time in prayer, spend time in fellowship, spend time listening to the word and meditating on it, and let it be. life of God, the word of God sit in our lives.
Let’s not waste what God has given us, let’s make it profitable for everyone.
Let us harness our gifts, our talents, our potential for the glory of God and the multiplication will be palpable in our lives.
Hello family
Have a good day

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