My Month Of Impact! Mt5:16

How do we talk to others?
How do we respond to the people around us?
How do we address our parents?
Our leaders?
Our husbands?
Our employees?
Are we one of those who speak to others with contempt, condescension?
Are we one of those looking down?
Are we those who are constantly humiliating and making fun of others?
Do anger and carelessness always stain our words?
Are those who talk anyhow? Of those who hurt others with their languages?
How many times have we said words that we later regretted?
So the time has come for each of us to take responsibility, to examine ourselves to see if we are conforming to the word of God, if we are doing what the Lord expects of us.
The bible says that with our words we can curse or bless so our words have life or death power.
This is why we have to be careful of everything that comes out of our mouths.
In Colossians, 4: 6 – May your word always be accompanied by grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to respond to each one.
Ask the Lord to season your words with salt.
Salt is a necessary ingredient in our kitchens.
A meal without it is bland, tasteless, tasteless.
Eating without salt is not easy.
Paul in this passage exhorts us to be careful of our words, to use meekness, love in our answers.
Let’s learn to talk to others, our words can be bombs.
With them, we can hurt, discourage, break the life of our neighbor.
When we say harsh words, we sow troubles, bitterness, divisions yet we must be among those who advocate peace, joy, forgiveness …
Faced with violent and quarrelsome people, let us know how to behave, let us know how to contain ourselves, let us know how to respond with peace, let us accompany our responses with grace and salt.
Let us be channels that transmit love around us.
To season our words with salt means to choose good words, to speak in a pleasant way to the listener.
Our mouths should be a source of blessing.
It is also because we do not consider our neighbor with humility, respect, it is because we are always ready to judge, to criticize at the slightest opportunity that we destroy our entire environment.
Let us invite the Holy Spirit to help us with words of encouragement, of consolation.
When our words are sprinkled with grace and salt, others feel considered, esteemed, loved.
Good words that bear the imprint of wisdom and love help to realize and progress.
We can improve our relationships with others by putting flavor in our words.
Lord, grant us to honor you with our words.
Give us to share, to commune, to communicate with others in love, peace and joy.
Give us to bring life in our words and especially to please you alone, Father.
Hello to us
Have a good day

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