My Month Of Impact! Mt5:16

Father, we welcome you again this morning,
We want to recognize that you are the beginning, you are the end,
We want to exalt your holy name,
You are loyal,
You are the one in whom we put all our trust,
We want to reiterate our love and commitment to you.
This morning, we want to address a topic that is close to your heart, Lord
We want to treat it with your wisdom, with your inspiration.
We want to be in your image, we want to be your reflection, we want to serve you Holy Spirit, we want to honor your presence among us.
We want to hand over our ministries to you, we want to hand over our assemblies to you,
We are incapable of doing without you, we are empty, lost without you, we call for help.
Our churches have lost their strength, their flavor, tolerance has infiltrated giving way to lightness and neglect, we no longer do anything seriously, we have let the lack of forgiveness control the house of the Lord, we we are left blinded by the seduction of the world and we no longer give glory to the father.
So the time has come to return to the Lord, the time has come to sit down at the foot of the cross to let ourselves be taught.
Our hearts are closed to speech, we are resistant to discipline, we have made the house of God a place of meeting and meeting, we allow ourselves to come to the house of the Lord no matter how, we no longer know we lift up and defend the name of the Lord and we are quick to criticize and not to serve.
Father, we refuse to be among those who dilute your work,
We don’t want to be devotees who don’t bear fruit, we want to influence our environment by being sons.
We want to be a people who fear the Lord and who recognize their father’s voice.
In Psalms, 29:11 – The LORD gives strength to his people; The Lord blesses his people and makes them happy.
Pray for RMI
Because we are the people of God, the Lord grants us his strength.
The father has already blessed us with all kinds of spiritual blessings, his desire is for us to be happy and fulfilled in all areas of our life.
We cannot come to the house of God and return the same, the word of God, the fraternal communion always transforms us and introduces us into our inheritance.
Hello here
Have a good day

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