My Month Of Probity ! Ro13:13

We have a problem with time, we can’t organize ourselves, we can’t take responsibility, we think that everything should be as we want.
Look at ourselves when we wait our turn to be served in a bank or supermarket, or when we go on a date and can’t find a taxi, we get nervous, our moods change and so do our attitudes.
We start to get impatient, to murmur and there we comment on mistakes, accidents.
We must understand that we have no control over time, it is God who has the ability to move time forward or backward.
God works with time, everything he does is subject to time.
Time refers to the time fixed in advance by God for the thing to happen, it is the appropriate time to do a certain thing.
Time is the season.
It emphasizes a specific, particular moment.
It is a period determined by God.
We always think that we have the time to do everything, we think that we control the time yet there is time for everything, it imposes constraints on us, limits our freedom.
Everything is already fixed by God by cycles of seasons.
We cannot obtain a harvest if we do not submit to the natural laws that regulate the rates of growth and flowering.
We cannot waste our time that God reserves for us on earth.
Today everyone wants to lose weight, everyone wants to stay young no matter the cost.
Some people force themselves to dress or do their hair young, some put on make-up, depigment themselves and others always go to a youth morning.
Even if we take care of ourselves, even if we have fun, there is a time for everything.
We need discernment to distinguish the appropriate times in our lives individually and collectively.
We are all caught up in the delay because we missed the seasons, we do things out of tune, we don’t catch God’s timing.
The Lord has given us a quality of occupation, things to do according to their time.
He has also given us the gift of free will, which allows us to decide what we want to do, we have an appropriate and favorable time to accomplish each task and get the results.
If we are to reap the fruits of our efforts, we must heed the divine calendar and familiarize ourselves with it.
In Ecclesiastes, 3: 1 – There is a time for everything, a time for everything under heaven:
Pray to acquire the ability to discern times.
Solomon tells us about time.
It makes us realize that the weather is sometimes good, sometimes bad, it makes us understand that time can make us do things and their opposites.
Our lives are made of seasons.
There are seasons which are pleasant to live in, there are those which are difficult.
There is a time when we wonder if everything is going well, when we wonder, when we want to take a step back, where we are in good shape …
But God is always with us in these seasons, he helps us, comforts us, supports us.
God always has a way out no matter what situation we find ourselves in.
There is certainly a season for everything, but let us not forget that God is above all.
He is sovereign, he reigns, we have nothing to fear.
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