My Month Of Probity ! Ro13:13

Beloved Ones, the time has come to stop justifying ourselves, to always find excuses even where we shouldn’t.
Instead of settling down, we always want to find out what we’re going to say.
Each of us must be aware and know exactly what we want.
We lack discipline, we lack rigor, we lack seriousness.
Yes, yes, it is the truth.
Showing up on time one day, late the next day for work or church is not just a problem of punctuality, it’s a lack of diligence.
We do not manage to start a business and finish it but we complain that we do not have customers, that they are running away from us, that the neighbor has made incantations and curses against us and against our shop, yet this is not always the case, customers know that in any case, we will be closed or that we will open according to our mood or our reception will not be warm and our service will be aggressive.
How do we want to move forward when we are unstable, inconstant.
At the church, we agree to come and clean every Saturday evening but no one comes or everyone comes on time and we are very comfortable as if it is normal, no involvement, no remorse, everything is done with lightness and negligence.
Let us tell ourselves that it is a lack of diligence.
* To be diligent * is to be diligent in what we do, to give attention to a task, to be present and to do well what we have to do.
* Diligence * is constancy, rigor, righteousness, fidelity, perseverance.
Those who lack diligence are lazy, neglectful, indifferent, inactive.
Lack of diligence slows down destinies, impoverishes.
Ruth was diligent.
She worked diligently in the fields of Boaz, went there early, faithfully every morning and we can all read how she rose through the ranks in society.
Joseph in Potiphar’s house worked with excellence, he carried out all the tasks entrusted to him and that earned him a certain elevation.
Can we count on us?
We do everything out of order, we are never at our posts, it is at prayer time that we schedule our meetings, it is when we are doing the work of God that we watch TV.
Let us never forget to put God first and be diligent in our work.
In Proverbs, 21: 5 – A diligent man’s plans lead only to abundance, but he who acts in haste only leads to scarcity.
Fast and pray to always be diligent in your actions.
Diligent people understand the laws of the seed and the harvest, they understand that prosperity and success only come from hard work, they know that success is not the lottery, they work on and wait for the Lord do his part, they sow and wait for the Lord to make the rain fall to make what they sow grow.
Let us not be foolish, let us be diligent men as the Lord recommends to us.
Hello to us
Have a good day

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