My Month Of Probity ! Ro13:13

This morning we pray for the ministry,
Our voices are raised to consecrate the church into the hands of God.
It is not a one-day affair, but each day we must implore God’s mercy concerning his work.
For a long time we have introduced human strategies into the house of the Lord,
For a long time, we have sought to satisfy our interests, we did not concern ourselves with the heart of God, we did not want to know his will.
For a long time we were not diligent, we have no involvement in the service, we thought we were too hot to go down to the cleaning, we had planned according to our standard, we organized according to our expectations.
But we must understand that the things of the spirit do not work like a computer, it all depends on how humble we are in the presence of God.
Our departments are suffering, they risk being devastated by the raging pandemic, they risk being shaken by storms because they are built on sand.
The leaders are confused, the people are led astray, and the house of the Lord is in danger.
Our hearts are turned to the world.
Lust, envy, seduction filled our thoughts and we brought it back into our ministries.
Lord, help …
We are in your house but our hearts criticize, whisper, jealous, plot evil.
We say we are worshipers but we have no sense of sharing and forgiveness.
We do not trust you in our ministries, we have not made you, Lord, our assurance and our pledge, we continue to look behind us to nourish and maintain the past.
Our ministries are the mirror of appearances and hypocrisy.
We are tired of playing this game, we want to get out of this race of glory and miracles to really let ourselves be filled and impacted by you, Jesus.
Father, your promise made in 1 Peter 5:10 – The God of all grace, who called you in Christ Jesus to his everlasting glory, after you have suffered a little while, himself will perfect you, and will establish you, will strengthen you, make you steadfast.
Pray for RMI
Must be our legacy and this is what comes out of it.
The Lord wants to perfect our ministries, he wants to strengthen us, he wants to strengthen us, he wants to make us unshakeable.
He wants us to stop being immature, floating, light children.
The father wants us to be responsible Sons who will not be carried away by the winds of the world, he invites us to keep our hearts more than anything and not to let the enemy rule our feelings and emotions.
Suffering is for a moment, just the time that the Lord molds us and makes us better for his kingdom.
So let us position ourselves as children chosen and called by the Lord Jesus Christ himself.
Hello to us
Have a good day

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