My Month Of Reconstruction ! Jer31 :4

The bible says the harvest is great but there are few workers to say that there is a lack of capacity, people do not know how to use their gifts and talents to access their blessings.
The Lord owns a large field, there is work, but the workers are few, the team must grow.
The kingdom of God is like a field that we must cultivate, sow, reap.
We are members of the same body, we are together to build and maintain the edifice.
Are we useful in the house of the Lord?
Do we honor the altar of God?
What do we do to value our father?
The Lord gives us tasks, missions, he has set us up to announce the good news.
We have to make decisions, the church needs stubborn men like caleb and Joshua who defy dangers, brave difficulties, men of distinction, who know the difference between truth and error, watchmen are the ears are devoted.
The Lord wants to use us to carry out His plans for the world, just as He used His son to bring salvation.
We must be concerned with spiritual things if we are to be of service to the Lord, we must put aside our personal ambitions.
Let us let God make us his instruments, let us not forget that we are God’s associates in the work we do with him and for him.
Let us make ourselves available and useful in the hands of the Lord.
In 1 Corinthians, 3: 9 – For we are workers with God. You are the field of God, the building of God.
Pray to be useful for the Kingdom of God.
Have a good day

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