My Month Of Reconstruction ! Jer31 :4

God is laying a big problem on the table for the children of God to take seriously.
We want the blessings but we don’t want to pray,
We want miracles but we refuse to cry and tear our hearts out in the presence of God,
We like to complain and accuse but we are not prepared to receive on the altar of God,
We are sometimes aware of the limitations, the resistances, the claims weighing on our lives but we are unable to stand up and work on our foundations.
We believe that everything that is happening to us is normal or we believe that we are in control.
Beloved, prayer is effective, it is the key.
What can we do or have without prayer?
Christians have not yet understood that God answers even the most obvious questions, he can tell us about our destiny, he can reveal to us the cause of our difficulties but only we must ask him the question.
Until when will we continue like this?
How long will we count on ourselves?
Prayer attracts blessing, it opens doors, it opens up a path.
When we get up in the morning, we go about our business, when we come home at night and go back to bed, when we have enough to eat every day, do we take the time to thank God?
Do we realize the privilege we have?
Do we know everything that is deployed for our follow-ups?
Let’s stop thinking it’s obvious, it’s because of the grace and love of Jesus.
So we have to spend the time of ingratitude to create contact with the Father.
We have to go back to our first love.
The bible says that the name of Jesus is like a perfume that spreads.
Only by pronouncing the name of our Elohim, the knees of the storms bow, the tongues are confessed.
The smell of her name alone is powerful, she liberates and delivers, she restores and establishes.
What is disturbing us that we cannot go and present it to the king of kings?
Let us know that if we do not involve God, he will step back too.
The choice is ours.
We also go through a lot because we don’t pray.
There’s a whole David in 2 Samuel 21: 1 who had three years of famine for nothing.
This man of God, who knew how to honor the Lord but who was at the mercy of this situation, he neglected, he underestimated.
He accepted, he found it normal, he remained in the lack, in the drought yet he could do otherwise.
This problem could have lasted a lifetime, but after three years, he wakes up and decides to seek the face of God who reveals to him the origin, the source of all his tremors.
If everything for Jesus was prayer, how can we afford to fold our arms without moving?
What are we counting on?
One song says prayer is the big key, Jesus begins praying and ends praying.
There is nothing that Jesus did without first logging onto the throne of God.
Do not take it lightly, in Jude, 1:20 – For you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, and praying in the Holy Spirit,
Make prayer a daily program on your timetable.
Brothers, we need the Holy Spirit, he must abide in us, we must invoke him, we must invite him, we must attract him,
We must maintain it,
We have to call it …
And this is only possible if we make prayer our ally, our strength and our partner.
This is what the Lord advises us for 2021, and everyone has an interest in complying with this instruction if it wants to be realized.
Hello home
Have a good day

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