My Month Of Reconstruction ! Jer31 :4

Rohi, when we have the revelation of God’s love within us, love for others flows from it.
Do we have the feelings that were in Jesus?
Do we have love for others until we give ourselves for them?
We are Christians, but our lives do not reflect the commandments of the Lord.
It is always we who are mockers when the word of God tells us to flee.
It is always the children of God who give bad testimony against others,
It is we who trade, we like to smear others for our glory, we like to belittle others to be seen but the bible tells us in Isaiah that the coming of the Lord was ordinary, it had neither beauty nor luster to attract looks, she had nothing to please, she did not fit our model of power and we closed our hearts, we rejected, accused, despised.
We had no compassion, no patience, no tolerance yet he was our savior, he stripped himself of his strength and authority for our freedom.
He made himself a slave, a servant for others, he did not take his position into account, he did not think about himself and his interests, he gave up everything to redeem us.
This is called having feelings that are in Christ.
It is having the humility to think of others, to live and to sacrifice oneself for others.
We are rebellious beings, always dragging others into our rebellion, always attracting the seduction of the world.
Brothers, let the will of God impose itself on our own.
God made us different and interdependent so that we could learn to love and support each other.
Paul encourages us to commit ourselves generously, to bear witness to Christian love.
We cannot imitate Jesus if we do not know his deep desires, it is no coincidence that the Lord stooped down to reach the one who was smaller, weak, undecided to give courage so that the rejected, the accused also feel loved and saved.
Let us lift our eyes to Jesus, adopt his way of life, open our hearts to welcome people, make ourselves available to others with our talents so that together, we build the edifice of the kingdom.
Develop and affirm the feelings that were in Christ.
Philippians, 2: 5 – Have in yourselves the sentiments which were in Christ Jesus,
Have a good day

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