My Month Of Devepment ! Act17 :28

The word of God tells us that God is the Master of times and seasons.
It is he who masters the exact timing of our lives.
He does everything in his time.
And all that we know, but the question before us this morning is, do we really walk according to God’s schedule?
Are we patient enough to let God plan His own way?
How is it that we multiply failures and we dare to say that it is the will of God?
Why do marriages break down yet we say we have obeyed the Lord’s choice?
How did great destinies crack as the oil of God flowed over their heads?
How can we explain that the church suffers from so much coldness and instability?
Several questions are on the table, the questions are interminable but the Lord answers this concern, he lays bare our problem and he makes it clear to us that we do not like to be and remain in his presence, we hate to wait on him, we refuse to follow divine directions, we neglect and disregard the Father’s agenda.
Beloved, having confessed Christ is not enough, going to church does not mean anything, reading your Bible does not guarantee anything, occupying the front row of the church does not reassure our place in heaven, it is necessary and especially to put the word of God in practice.
Let those who call themselves Christians stop criticizing the unconverted,
that pretenders of Christians stop thinking that they are better and that they are entitled to grace more than others,
May the so-called children of God stop hiding in churches and carrying Bibles.
The bible says that those who know their God will act firmly, with determination, with faith.
Those who know the voice of their father, run to him and wait for him.
We experience disappointments because we close our spiritual eyes and ears, we want to do according to our emotions and feelings, we want to nourish and satisfy the flesh.
Many of us say we expect from God, but how many of us are making our shortcuts?
How many of us live in vicious circles?
How many of us have developed pride, hypocrisy, and deviousness in the church?
How many champions are we who believe we are saints?
The fullness of the spirit is for those who put their two buttocks on a chair and wait for the approval of the Lord.
Let’s learn to listen.
The Lord works with the seasons and so as not to miss our blessings, let us be connected to the throne of grace.
Here is Saul who lost the throne because he did not know how the Lord works.
Samsom with all this anointing thought he had the victory by his strength, instead of giving thanks to the Lord, he found himself on Delilah’s thighs.
If Nabal had the spirit of God and knew that David was the next king of Israel, he would have been more careful.
Things do not go according to our will, God organizes and plans everything according to his plan.
So if we don’t want to grasp the revelation of the spirit, if we don’t want to equip ourselves and let ourselves be built, it’s not God’s fault.
The people of Israel already had too many setbacks, they had understood at one point that they needed the presence of God if they did not want to die in the desert.
He understood that he had to put aside their rebellion and their doubt to trust the Lord in order to move forward.
He therefore let himself be led by the Lord.
He stopped all his unnecessary chatter, he sided with depending on the Lord.
Numbers, 9:17 – When the cloud arose from above the tent, the children of Israel departed; and the children of Israel encamped in the place where the cloud stayed.
Fast and pray to always follow the move of the Lord.
Israel had no questions to ask, every departure, every stop was under the command of the Lord at every stage.
The Lord wants to teach us to depend on him.
When the will of God is revealed, the trumpets sound.
The time of the Lord to be gracious to us is near, he will rise at his hour, the hour when he will know the most favorable to the unfolding of his glory.
Let us follow the Lord, let his anointing flow over us, let us be his slaves.
Father, help us in such a way that we can see that you are at work.
We are thankful Lord to be in your presence.
Thank you Jesus for your light which spreads over us and sets us free.
Hello family
Have a good day

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