My Month Of Restoration ! Ps23:3

We are all invited this morning to change the way we treat our brothers.
We are all called to love each other with one heart, to support each other, to support each other.
We are called upon to have a deep unity of thought, of intention.
The Lord reminds us this morning of an important point without which we are not complete.
*Brotherly Love*
He asks to love each other, to exhort each other, to watch over one another to walk worthy of the Lord.
Before leaving the earth, the Lord left us love, this means that this mutual love that he offered us bears fruit, it is a sign of our belonging to the Father.
Unfortunately, we find ourselves in a world which is closed in on him, which is lonely because of modernity, man is more and more alone, everyone is at home ignoring even the name of his neighbor, not even dating not his family.
Everyone pursues their own life and interests, people feel more and more alone and this is where the church should make a difference by introducing a welcoming, social and emotional climate.
This is also the reason why our churches are full because those who are rejected, pushed back, pushed back generally find there a refuge, a family.
Fellowship is welded in the presence of God because the relationship, the connection that we have with the spirit of God teaches us compassion, the forgiveness of the people with whom we rub shoulders.
How can we talk about brotherly love if we never see each other to converse, share and encourage each other.
We must also recognize that the church has lost its essence, we find ourselves not knowing our brethren, not greeting them, not caring for them.
We do not assist people in distress, we do not contribute to their development.
We develop individualism within our communities and God reproaches us for it today.
Romans, 12:10 – For brotherly love, be full of affection for one another; out of honor, use reciprocal attentions.
May your brotherly love be restored.
* Full of affection * our love should be genuine, true, pure, sincere, warm, tender and not hypocritical.
We are in a world where people trample on each other, be careful not to offend others, we have to honor them.
We must give up our priorities for the sake of a brother.
When we love we forgive
When we love, we share,
When we love, we are always happy.
And because of the love of Jesus, we abide by the rules established by him.
Let’s put our hearts together and be sincere to each other.
Hello to us
Have a good day

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