My Month Of Restoration ! Ps23:3

It’s tricky but we’ll talk about it,
It’s complicated but it’s a biblical truth.
When we hear * seed *, we immediately think of the painful.
Who even taught us that?
The seed can be prayers, cars, clothes …
The Abrahams sowed their sheep and God blessed them.
Money belongs to God and why we are afraid of this word in the church.
Let’s stop thinking that we can do God’s work without money.
We agree that there is a lot of abuse but read our bible, the law of sowing and reaping is there.
We are in church, we always want to reap what we haven’t sowed, we still want to have what we haven’t worked, we want to gain without losing anything.
To sow is to give.
God asked Elijah to go to the widow of Serepta, he arranged with her to feed his servant.
Is it normal for God to do this kind of thing when he knows that the widow is poor and has nothing.
According to human reasoning, it’s outrageous but spiritually to be blessed you have to make a sacrifice first, that’s how it works.
We cry out every day that Solomon’s wisdom and wealth is implausible but always wonder what happened to make it come to this, he was not born with this high level glory.
Friends, he paid the price.
He realized that he could not keep the kingdom established if it did not have a fruit of the spirit.
He himself understood that he was missing something that only God could give him.
He sacrificed 1000 oxen.
Was he missing what he was going to do? Certainly not.
But my dear friends, no one before him had put God in such an embarrassment.
He made the sacrifice before, David had taught him the spiritual laws but he understood that the higher the level of his objectives, the great also will be his seed.
God rewarded him with wisdom and riches.
We are in church, we go around in circles, we judge the messages, we criticize men of God, we have no relationship with the father.
We remain spectators, but the more subtle understand the obvious and prosper.
The seed is important, no one will sow in our place, it is our responsibility.
God is his word, these are his principles.
We think it’s what we give to the church that takes the church higher?
No, God is able to put us aside and raise money for his work.
Beloved, when we speak of seed, some do not come to church any more, some even resign, others are in the calculations of their goods which they will deposit until they are proud.
Who do we think we’re hurting?
Farewell ?
He wants to bless us, he wants to open doors of blessing, but it is we ourselves who refuse to let him power himself.
When outside we’re ready to bank for a service, it’s weird, and in the house of God, where the service is free, we reflect.
Shame on us.
The Bible says in Psalms, 126: 5 – Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.
Sow abundantly for the work of the Lord.
Sacrifice hurts us, losing tears us apart, but when the angel of blessing stands at our doors and knocking, even the white house is gripped by the testimony.
Let us be more sensitive, read the word of God, let the Lord guide us, open our hearts and we will be the first surprised at the blessing.
Hello to us
Have a good day

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