My Month Of Restoration! Ps23:3

A story in the Bible has always challenged us.
That of the prodigy son who claimed his inheritance and left to play life, he wanted to take charge and be independent but only he was not mature enough to face the pressures of life.
The Bible tells us that nothing worked for him, he had no way out, he no longer knew what to do and one day, he resolved to return to his father.
It was a decision that was not obvious to him considering all the betrayal and disappointment it had caused.
But once in his father’s house, the latter welcomed him to the point of organizing a welcome feast.
The eldest son was very disappointed with the attitude of his father who had to reprimand the son instead of celebrating.
According to the father, his son had a need he asked for and it was his right.
The prodigy son knew he was an heir and he had to take advantage of it.
When he got into trouble he knew his father couldn’t push him away, he trusted his father’s love.
How many times have we found ourselves lacking, in limitation and not turning around to ask our father?
We have locked ourselves in reasoning, complaining and worrying without making our need known.
What is difficult for the Lord?
These headaches or this chronic disease?
Our God is able, we must have faith and trust him.
What is this situation that keeps us from sleeping?
What is this problem that keeps us in despair?
The Lord promises us restoration.
Let us not allow doubt and bitterness to take us out of the will of God.
God is sovereign over all the earth.
One day, the disciples were in the boat, the wind and the storm were raging, the situation was worrying and uncontrollable, water was filling the canoe.
The disciples were all panicked, they went to wake Jesus up because they needed help.
Who do we turn to when we are in trouble?
When our marriages are broken?
when our children are rebellious?
We seek our solutions in the world, in our relationships, in our families, in our riches except with the Lord.
The Lord is usually our last resort and we contact him when the situation has already escalated.
When Jesus woke up he threatened the storm, it stopped.
Jesus has power over everything, nothing can resist him.
Let’s look at the greatness of his power.
Let us invite him, he will come to our aid, he will restore us.
This is what God tells us this morning in Jeremiah, 32:27 – Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything surprising from me?
Trust the Lord for a marvelous Restoration.
We serve a mighty God.
Faced with a circumstance that seems to have no solution, let us trust the Lord and call on him.
Jeremiah was to buy land controlled by the Chaldeans.
After praying, the Lord told him that it is he who has control over all the events of the world and not men, why should he complain?
There is nothing too much before the Lord so let’s go to the source to water ourselves, let the Lord fill us and clear our way.
He is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.
Hello to us
Have a good day

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