My Month Of Restoration ! Ps23:3

Lord, we want to lift up your name,
We want to say thank you for your love in our lives,
Thank you for the work of restoring our mentality and thoughts that you have been doing since we gave our lives to you, Lord.
We say thank you for the transformation you are making every day so that we are crowned.
For a long time, we wanted to understand the word of God with our reasoning, with our intelligence.
It is true that we are the fruit of our thoughts, of our education, of our culture, of our experiences, but we want to tell ourselves this morning that it is an obstacle to the spiritual understanding that we need.
Many times we were unable to grasp the word of God because our hearts were closed.
Many of us who are still in church but do not know God are still challenging the way the Lord manifests himself as if it depends on them.
The Bible tells us that Naaman, head of the armies of Syria was suffering from leprosy, he decides to go see the prophet Elisha.
On his arrival, the man of God does not receive him but gives a word for him, he recommends that he go and wash himself seven times in the waters of the Jordan.
The story tells us that Naaman got angry.
How a whole general, a whole defense minister comes to meet a little man of God, he refuses to receive him.
He is a false pastor, which he stalls with his anointing.
The men of God got weird, they brag, isn’t he there for us ??
You all think like this when we want things to work out the way we want.
Our thoughts ! Our thoughts !
But it’s all because we haven’t been transformed, we haven’t let the Spirit of God cleanse us.
If our thoughts were pure, we should understand that it is education that interests us and not necessarily meeting the prophet.
Another story tells us that Jesus picked up the mud, mixed it with saliva, and applied it to the eyes of a blind man.
How is it possible ?
It is the witchcraft of the new churches!
If we were listening to this, we should sit down and criticize, we should come together to take apart the spiritual.
Friends, let us pray for access to the new birth that we need for the renewal of intelligence.
Recognize that God knows everything, he can do everything, our thoughts are not his.
By his word, we have a healthy and balanced life.
2 Timothy, 3: 7 – always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.
Pray for your intelligence to be restored.
We are curious about new things but we never come to the knowledge of the truth, we care little about it, we are not interested because she asks us to be reconciled with the father, because she asks us for repentance, humility.
What is renewal?
It is to change the foundation, it is to change the vision of the world.
Renewal is a process, it is efforts of sanctification and faith, it is a new way of thinking.
As long as the change has not taken place, we will not enjoy the abundant life that God wants for us, we would still find it difficult to trust and trust in the Lord under all circumstances.
Let us stop thinking like the people of the world, make a difference, let us follow in the footsteps of our Lord.
We are in church but the thoughts of the world still control us, we serve God but we do not understand him, we worship the one we do not know because our reasoning is vague and still blocked by the princes of Perces.
The Lord this morning is giving us an opportunity to return to him and allow ourselves to be transformed and changed so that his glory shines in our lives.
Hello the village
Have a good day

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