My Month Of Restoration ! Ps23:3

David just had what kind of heart for God’s gaze to fall on him?
We would like to know it so that we can also attract the gaze of God.
The Bible tells us that David had a heart according to God, that is to say sufficiently obedient, to accomplish all the will of God, David knew how to humble himself to serve the Lord, he lived for God and for others.
Beloved, the world is more and more selfish and we with it, our hearts are far from God, turned towards the seductions of the world, serving other gods, closed to love.
We are lost, we have no more landmarks, our traces are all erased, impossible to find ourselves.
God is still reaching out to us this morning, he is offering us to ask the Lord to make your heart available for him.
Psalms, 51:12 – O God! create in me a pure heart, Renew in me a willing spirit.
Our hearts are filled with jealousy, longings, bitterness.
We have not even planned a little room for the Lord, we are so preoccupied with the things of the world, our thoughts are influenced by our daily life.
When the Lord speaks to us from the heart, he refers to our inner being, to thoughts, feelings, choices that make us what we are.
Let us abandon ourselves to the Father, let him build us, touch us, fill us.
David needed God, he had committed one sin and to make amends he committed another.
He needed the Lord to give him a new heart, for the Lord to wash his heart and transform it, God had to purify his heart so that it could regain its communion and its intimacy with God.
God is not indifferent to a humiliated and broken heart, he is always ready to forgive.
Let us not allow unpardoned sins to lead us away from the Lord.
On this day of resurrection, let us have this passage in our hearts: * O God! create in me a pure heart, Renew in me a willing spirit. *
This is what we must set out to ask the Lord in these difficult times.
Sure, the Lord will boast.
And There you go
Have a good day

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