My Month Of Restoration! Ps23:3

We just think God is there at our service, until when things don’t go the way we want, we whine.
Ladies and gentlemen, the work of God is not a magic stick, it is not a game of chance, it is a process, it is a path, it is an experience.
We must learn to be patient, to make statements of faith and to believe in them otherwise we are not ready for the walk with the Lord.
It is always because Saul believed that because he is the king of Israel, everything was permitted to him, he did not know how to respect the principles attached to kingship and authority.
He said to himself that because he was the captain of the armies, he could make the sacrifice in place of the priest, he said to himself that a king does not wait, it is the others who wait for him.
Saul, you made the mistake of not having been patient, you made a mistake for having lacked confidence and for not having followed the instructions, you are going to lose the throne completely.
Impatience disqualifies us where we were entitled, the people of Israel had a promise from God, the Lord was to lead them to a land flowing with milk and honey, but their bluntness prevented some from owning their inheritance because fear and doubt took place in their hearts.
Beloved, when the Lord is on our side, who can be against us?
How can we expect something from someone we don’t trust?
It’s normal that we always go wrong because worries invade us, we tell ourselves that the person will not respect their word, that the person will let us down, that they will abandon us at the last minute.
Let us know that the Lord is faithful and that his ways are not our ways.
Joseph had dreams and he stood firm in them, he knew that God had to make him a great man.
He did not look at his current situation, he did not let himself be carried away by distractions, by discouragement, by adversity.
He put his faith into action and God made a way for him.
It might have taken a long time, it might have cost a lot of sacrifice, but he had a covenant in his life that spoke for him.
And U.S ?
If it was us?
If it were us in Joseph’s place, we would have given up since, we would even have taken advantage of Madame Potiphar’s offer to have advantages, we would have made our own means to get by.
Joseph paid the price, he did not compromise, he knew that the Christian life has its principles, its laws, its seasons.
He remained attached, connected to the throne of God.
The Lord tested him, he counted, he weighed him, and he was found heavy.
And the hour of the restoration has come, the angel of blessing has stopped at his door.
In one day, he left his precarious situation to return to the palace at the king’s table.
Why ?
Joseph was patient, he trusted in the Lord, he knew that one day the Lord will remember him.
Genesis, 40:13 – Three more days, and Pharaoh will lift up your head and restore you to your office; you will put the cup in Pharaoh’s hand, as you used to when you were his cupbearer.
Be patient while trusting the Lord for your restoration.
Here is a sure and precise prophecy, when the time marked by the Lord is here, long live peace.
The song had been put in prison because of his infidel, he had a dream and Joseph interpreted, his time of release was in three days, his state of humiliation had to end.
Beyond the pains and condemnations, the butler’s dream foresaw a reestablishment at Pharaoh’s court, the songwriter had been exonerated, he had not wanted to poison the king and his position was restored.
Let God do things according to His plan and His will.
Let us believe in the Lord because without faith we will not see his works and the restoration will not be our share.
Thank you for this lesson, Father, your love is amazing.
thanks again
Hello friends
Have a good day

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