My Month Of Improvement ! Ho14:5

John, Peter, James … did not choose to be disciples of Jesus.
Jesus called them, they answered the call, they gave up everything to follow the Lord, they left behind their family, children, professional responsibility to follow the Lord.
They recognized that the ways of the Lord are the best option, they resolved to let go, to let themselves be led by the one who influences everything.
On the other hand, there is a rich man who came to Jesus, he wanted to have the secret to have eternal life, Jesus told him to sell everything and follow him but the man was disappointed.
Deciding to serve God is a decision my brothers.
There are things that are going to jostle us, that will strike a chord within us.
We can feel attached to God, love the church, love the Lord, love his word, but Jesus still tells us what is missing in our lives.
Here is a man ready to follow God, to fight for eternal life but is still attached to the riches of the earth.
He wants to follow God in his own way without sacrifice or constraint.
And this is how we are in the house of God, we don’t take anything seriously, we neglect all principles, we don’t do anything steadfastly.
We are children of God by mouth, Christians from the edge and not from the depths, we still dwell too much on what our eyes have seen and our faith is still under attack.
The Lord wants us to go from glory to glory, he promises us a better tomorrow but only we have to accept him, love him and have a relationship with him.
How do we want him to act in our hearts if we don’t give him access, if our hearts are hardened.
Romans 12:11 – Be zealous, not laziness. Be fervent in spirit. Serve the Lord.
Decide to serve the Lord better.
Love what we do and do good.
There are many of us who lack zeal, strength, no one wants to be like us because we do not reflect the life of God, we are quickly discouraged.
We must be passionate, we must participate and be involved in the gospel, we must be connected and focused for the service of God. Let us take care of the Father’s business.
Let’s change the way we act and follow the Lord.
Hello to us
Have a good day

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