My Month Of Improvement ! Ho14:5

What do we come out of our mouths?
Anger? bad words? False testimonials?
Too often, we have destroyed everything around us, we have made unfounded judgments on our pastors, we have whispered in families thus bringing division, we have criticized and denigrated our neighbor out of jealousy, out of envy, out of lust.
A bad word destroys relationships, breaks couples, binds generations, causes failure, poverty.
The Bible reveals to us that the power of life and death is above the tongue.
This organ betrays us, reveals our character, exposes our spiritual level.
To attract something in the natural, we must speak, declare, prophesy, that is why what comes out of our mouths is important and it is also the reason why God attaches great importance to it.
Jesus died for nothing, we held it against him, we accused him without proof, we rejected him because he was better than us, we plotted against him because he was zealous, frank, honest, incredible … We couldn’t detect it and it made us angry and we went wild to absolutely damage his reputation.
Our tongues are sharp especially when in front of us, we do not like others,
Our tongues are poisonous when anger has seized us and we have lost control.
Let us be careful of our words, which come out without a hitch.
How many times has the Lord made a promise to us and we broke it with bad thoughts and bad words?
How many times have we repressed and delayed our destinies because of our tongues?
Without knowing it, we have invited our enemies to manipulate us.
Without wisdom, we spread our projects, we allowed the strong man to put the embargo on our lives.
This morning, God is warning us.
Let’s stop saying words that we’ll regret later.
The word is powerful.
Distance, years, efforts cannot erase them.
Instead of trashing everything around us with our mouths, lamenting, shut up or talk about our problem.
Aaron and Miriam murmured against Moses, they spoke negative words and God struck Miriam with leprosy even though she was their sister.
Whether we prefer to be an instrument in the hands of God or to be in the hands of the devil.
Let us be a source of blessing, of encouragement, of healing.
Let us come out of our mouths, soft, wise words of support, of peace, of comfort, words that build.
If we recognize that we speak badly, that we have hurtful and harsh words, that we speak thoughtlessly, without control, that we condemn and curse easily then let us pray and establish the verse of Ephesians, 4:29 – That it does not no evil word comes out of your mouth, but, if there is any, some good word, which serves for edification and communicates grace to those who hear it.
Pray for your mouth to become a source of blessings.
May our words not harm others to benefit from them.
There are words that give glory to God and others that oppose us and separate us from God.
Let us always ask ourselves if what is going to come out of our mouths is true, uplifting, constructive, necessary.
Words which do not serve for edification are vain, useless, empty and without profit.
The Lord has given us authority and power, he makes our words alive and glorious.
So let’s not lose what is precious to us to satisfy the devil.
Hello everybody
Have a good day

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