My Month Of Improvement ! Ho14:5

It’s labor day around here and we’re happy to celebrate our efforts,
we hope that new resolutions must be taken,
we hope to receive a medal, an award,
we want to be noticed for a promotion,
promises are reiterated,
Some are congratulated.
All these traffic jams because our seniority or our performance may intervene in our favor.
This is normal, we must raise our glasses as a sign of encouragement for the future.
A festive atmosphere to open a month,
hearts satisfied and appeased for a new hope,
It is a privilege to enter a new season with songs of joy.
And this morning our eyes saw the love of God again where many are broken, destroyed, humiliated.
We want to say thank you Father.
Everyone works for the improvement of their living conditions,
we want to have better,
we want to get out of our comfort,
we want to flirt with paradise.
Sometimes we make bad decisions, sometimes we are bitterly disappointed, we take too many risks to have a better tomorrow unfortunately, reality wakes us up.
God did not restore us yesterday so that we could stand still, he wants to see us change and the quality of our service evolve.
And for this period, he recommends it to us.
We can’t keep on crying
We can’t keep on complaining,
We can’t keep worrying
Our cries have reached heaven and the Lord has heard, he has come down to make a new imprint, he has come down to stir the waters, he invites us to have faith and to call life into our lives.
Israel was hungry, the murmurs began, the Lord provided the manna and why keep on thinking that the hand of the Lord is too short.
The passage that will support us this month, the verse with which we will run during this season, the vision that will accompany us throughout the month.
Hosea, 14: 5 – I will be like the dew to Israel, and it will blossom like the lily, and it will take root like Lebanon.
Welcome to our * Improvement Month! *
The dew is refreshment, the manifestation of life is fullness.
The dew makes it germinate, flower.
May we be radiant and flourish for the Lord.
The lily grows spontaneously to be admired, producing a magnificent beauty to be observed.
The roots here mean strength, stability.
We are not only beautiful but we are also strong, rooted in Jesus and no storm will make us fear.
So let’s be awake and pray.
Pray that the Lord will give us good resolutions to make our lives flourish.
Keep praying for more wisdom.
Proverbs 26:12 – If you see a man who thinks he is wise, there is more to hope for from a fool than from him.
It will be madness for us to think that we are wise yet at the slightest adversity, we are distraught.
At the slightest worry, our thoughts are bad.
Believing ourselves to be wise distracts us from the glory of God and does not differentiate us from fools.
So let us fall back on the Lord and let us be guided.
Hello neighborhood
Have a good day

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