My Month Of Radiancy! Job17 :11

Eli served the Lord with bravery, he was a devoted priest to the Lord and the bible teaches us about his behavior as a father.
In his task full of responsibility, he failed, he lacked authority.
He knew the divine principles but he did not know how to take back his sons who had no fear of God, they did not respect the instructions of the word, they attributed the best pieces of the sacrifices to themselves, They slept with the women who were used at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting.
Here are men, leaders called by God to serve the Lord, to instruct the people, to teach by their own example.
Eli was faithful, he had the light of God, he had given Samuel the direction of heaven.
It was not that Eli had not reproached his sons, but he lacked firmness.
In their blindness, the sons of Eli went without consulting God to war against the Philistines and they gave up their lives there.
Their father also did not spare the punishment.
Although it was his sons who committed the injustice, the man of God even though he did not participate is responsible.
That is why judgment fell on Eli and his house.
David himself strayed from the way of the Lord by committing transgressions and multiplying sins, he did not know how to ascend the way of integrity and loyalty to his house, and disorder set in, hearts are hardened.
We cannot know and serve God and not attract and influence people from our families.
We are the light and the light shines wherever it is, it gives joy and peace.
Isaiah 2: 5 – House of Jacob, Come, and let us walk in the light of the Lord.
Pray that you and your household may walk in the light of the Lord.
Here is a call to all of God’s children to walk according to divine standards.
When we walk in the light, we are not in danger of falling.
This verse shows us how to lead our lives in this evil generation in a way that pleases God, attracts blessings and keeps devourers away.
To walk in the light is to walk in victory, to have the spirit of wisdom and revelation.
Let us decide that we and our families will serve the Lord.
May the glory return to the Lord.
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