My Month Of Radiancy! Job17:11

We all have access to this blessing of healing.
Our bodies, our finances, our relationships, our environment need divine health that only Jesus can provide.
We have taken our health, our well-being for granted, we think that it is because we eat healthily or that we play sports or while we take care of ourselves that we are in shape.
If only we can understand that it is a grace, we will not even fail to be thankful.
This morning, we invite ourselves to change the way we see and perceive disease.
The sickness is for a time, it will go away if we have faith, and healing will spring up quickly.
The Bible tells us that Jairus fell at Jesus’ feet because his daughter was very sick, he begged Jesus to come and bless his daughter, he believed that Jesus alone was his solution and Jesus had compassion for her situation.
On the way to Jairus’ house, the death of this little girl was announced, but Jesus reassured him.
When they arrived, there was mourning in the house, tears everywhere, lamentations on both sides.
Jesus entered the scene and declared that the little one was just sleeping, people laughed and the Lord had to send everyone away.
He went to the patient’s room, took her by the hand and invited her to get up.
Promptly, the child was restored.
Surely Jairus had become a subject of glory and celebration. Surely all the media wanted them to tell his story.
When our lamp is at our feet, we walk with wisdom and confidence.
The woman with the loss of blood was instantly healed after twelve years of pain, suffering, grief, loneliness.
Healing is not just physical.
Problems are a disease.
Even though our health was imprisoned where our blessings were buried, the Lord gives us victory quickly.
Our healing is on the way, it will not be long, it will not drag on.
We lived in darkness, we saw nothing, everything was rusting, surrounded by problems, living in the dark.
Darkness dominated us, we did not know what to do.
Let us know that the light will break out like the dawn.
But for that, let us know God, let us see things positively.
No matter how great our sickness, God grants us healing.
People can judge us, condemn us, but when we are righteous before God, he intervenes on our behalf.
The Lord informs us that diseases, no matter what their names are removed from among us, cannot reach us.
This is what the verse of Isaiah tells us, 58: 8 – Then your light will break out like the dawn, and your healing will spring up quickly; Your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the Lord will accompany you.
Fast and pray for prompt healing
God wants us to be healthy, he wants each of us to put our trust in him.
He wants to deliver us and bless us, he wants our light to shine and influence those around us.
Let us allow ourselves to be visited by God, he will heal us and he will heal all our wounds.
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