My Month Of Radiancy! Job17:11

Remember our churches, Lord.
We have made the house a place of commerce, we have diluted the essence of your work, we have neglected the vision you have given us and we ask your forgiveness.
Father, you are no longer our priority, we have other idols that we serve, our hearts are attached to vain things that have no value, no life.
We have introduced lightness, the sacred has been taken away, we use the utensils of the house of our Lord for our interests yet it is consecrated.
We’ve brought the world back into the church and we want everything to work the way we want it to, how happy our flesh will be.
All departments of our churches are affected by our lack of zeal and vision, we refuse to serve God, we do everything so that the devil has a right over us.
With our characters and our styles of life, we have closed our skies, we have prevented the glory of God from moving.
We can no longer continue, help us to live in sanctification and consecration.
We have no guarantee that we will go to heaven because of the way we manage our Christian walk.
Lord, forgive us.
Don’t give up on us, we need you
manifest yourself among us, teach us to love each other.
Let us learn to look after others.
Ephesians 5:27 – to bring forth this glorious Church before him, without spot or wrinkle or anything like it, but holy and blameless.
Pray for RMI
If the church has no stain or wrinkle, it is fresh, beautiful, young, flirtatious, it leads a life of sanctification and consecration all the time.
And that’s how Jesus comes to purify us and we are in his image.
God’s desire is to have a bride without spot or wrinkle, a glorious and mature bride who has a relationship with him.
God loves his church, he wants to take care of it.
This verse shows us that the effect of sanctification is to get rid of stains and wrinkles, to make the church beautiful with glory.
Thank you Lord,
Let your name be high
Have a good day

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