My Month Of Radiancy! Job17:11

Since we believed, to whom have we preached the gospel?
Since giving our lives to the Lord, how many people have we told that Jesus loves them?
Since we are children of God, do we influence others by our characters?
Beloved, let’s talk about our Jesus.
Let us testify to its benefits.
How can we be Christians but no member of our families, no neighbor has ever accompanied us in our ministries?
The bible tells us that we are watchmen, we are to watch over one another, we are responsible for others, we know the truth and we are to share it with others.
We must proclaim the word of God, make others understand that they must leave the darkness for the light.
Evangelism is everyone’s job, the Lord has commissioned us to go out into the world and make disciples of the nations, we are all concerned.
Many think that to talk to us about Jesus, you have to be an expert, you have to be courageous.
The truth is, we are afraid of being judged, rejected, criticized.
We are ashamed that others mistake us for terrestrial extras, we prefer to live on clich├ęs rather than save a soul that thirsts for Jesus.
We might as well live and seek according to men, but as long as we do not realize that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, hell is open before us.
So, do we want to give up our job?
Do we want to let all of our families suffer on the last day?
Do we want the Lord to claim the blood of those around us?
Let’s get to work, we are Jesus’ slaves and we must obey him.
In Isaiah 42:16 – I will cause the blind to walk in a way which they do not know, I will lead them in paths which they do not know; I will turn darkness into light before them, and crooked places into the plain: this is what I will do, and I will not forsake them.
Announce the good news to many as you can.
Who are the blind?
Those who do not know God, the unbelievers, the sinners.
the Lord is the guide of the blind.
A blind man cannot find a path he does not know, he needs a guide.
Many did not know the way to salvation, it is the Lord who opens our eyes and leads us.
Let the Father take control and let him lead us.
The Lord cannot abandon us, he is with us until the end.
Those whose minds are blocked do not see the light, they are like blind people, without direction, without life.
Let us be enlightened and contemplate his holy glory.
Hello people of God
Have a good day

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